Visiting our Fort Myers dental office for your annual preventative care is well worth the time! Having your teeth cleaned is the most beneficial thing you can do for your oral health! Keeping up with these cleaning appointments are essential for having great oral health!

Most patients only brush their teeth once a day. Many are not even doing it for the recommended two minutes at a time! Even when done perfectly, brushing only removes about 65% of the plaque and bacteria on your teeth! What remains will harden into tartar which cannot be removed at home.

Tartar can lead to many oral problems including cavities and gum disease! Coming to our dental office for a professional cleaning will remove the remaining 35% of plaque and bacteria on your teeth. Your hygienist will work with you to decide if you should have cleanings every three or six months. The frequency of your visits will be based on your gum health! Maintaining good oral hygiene by having your teeth cleaned professionally is the most effective way to prevent gum disease knows as periodontitis.

Additionally, your hygienist will work with our dentist to help give you a more beautiful smile! Working together to provide you the best in dental care helps remove stains and polish your teeth to a brilliant shine, resulting in a whiter and brighter smile!

It is not uncommon for a patient who is getting back into a dental hygiene routine to have a lot of excess tartar. If this is the case, a debridement is needed. Debridement is simply a cleaning that is focused on removing excess, mass tartar. This appointment will need to be followed up with a "fine scale" to remove the smaller areas of tartar around the mouth.

We try to make you as comfortable as possible at these appointments by having tempur-pedic cushions, warm blankets, and digital x-rays. Our team of hygienist are well experienced and work to share their knowledge with you throughout your appointment. Once your cleaning is completed, our front desk staff will have fresh baked cookies, coffee, and waters for you to enjoy on the drive home.

Annual Cleani‍‍‍ngs

The Base of P‍‍‍‍‍‍reventative Dental Care!

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