Are you considering a bridge to help fill the gap left by missing teeth? All dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth, however, there are options for bridge types to best suit a patient’s lifestyle. Consult with your Fort Myers dentist on your needs and the benefits of each bridge type. This allows the dentist to consider which is most beneficial for your specific case. Working together to choose an option results in the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable bridge for each patient.

A bridge uses your natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth for support. These teeth become the support structures for your bridge and then impressions are taken. These impressions are sent to one of our expert lab partners to create your finalized bridge. While in office, our staff will create a temporary bridge. This allows you to leave our office with an enhanced smile! Once your completed bridge is back from our lab you will return to our office for placement.

Do you have a missing tooth or section of missing teeth? Does this affect your confidence and prevent you from being able to live a worry free life? Are you unable to enjoy your favorite foods? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a dental bridge could be the right solution for you!

Ford Signature Dentistry elevates your experience even further by offering the iTero digital scanner! The iTero prevents needing the messy, uncomfortable experience of traditional putty impressions. The digital impression scanner allow your appointment to be cleaner, faster, and for your crown to be more precise for a better fit in your mouth! To learn more about iTero, and other office innovations, visit our page on office technology!

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