Dental implants are a wonderful option for a patient needing to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants offer more strength and stability to live a more carefree lifestyle. Missing teeth can have a huge impact on your mouth! Aside from cosmetic concerns, missing teeth can affect the rest of your teeth. Gaps of missing teeth cause others to move and shift.

An implant works by substituting the root of the missing tooth. We work closely with implant specialists who place the implant body into the jaw bone. They also place a special cap to keep you covered while healing. This cap can be covered with a temporary tooth to fill the empty space. When the site is fully healed your healing cap is removed. Your dentist places an abutment, which serves as the base of your new tooth. To complete your implant a porcelain crown is placed over the abutment. Cementing this crown into place restores your tooth to optimal shape and function!

After implant surgery, you will have the ability to enjoy the freedom of a carefree life! Your implant will provide the strength, durability, and longevity of a natural tooth!

Dental Imp‍‍‍lant

Long Lasting, Natural Looking, Solution for Missing Teeth!‍‍‍