Extractions are a common method of dental care. Typically this applies to third molars or wisdom teeth. However; many patients suffer from pain related to tooth decay, cracks, and breaks as well. When a tooth has become so extensively decayed or damaged that it cannot be saved it may be necessary to extract it.

In a simple extraction, your tooth is removed without surgery. Your doctor applies slight pressure to gently and gradually ease the tooth from the socket. Once the tooth has been removed, your doctor will clean the area so the healing process can begin. While you are healing, Dr. Ford can fit you with a temporary tooth. When the area has sufficiently healed, he will discuss treatment options to permanently replace the extracted tooth.

An extraction does not have to result in anything less than a radiant smile. The extraction site can be filled using a partial bridge or implant based off your wants, needs, and lifestyle.

‍‍‍The First Step to Correcting an Incurable Tooth!