Composite‍‍‍ Fillings‍‍‍

Fillings are used to fill decay in a tooth. Many patients suffer from tooth decay in the mouth. This decay can be a small hole with no side effects. However; tooth decay can also cause a lot of pain! Fortunately, many patients can correct their decay with fillings!  Our dentist prefers composite fillings for all patients.

Composite material has many benefits over the old standard of silver fillings. This “silver” is called amalgam. Composite is a light material similar to plastic. This material is free of mercury unlike amalgam. Amalgam has shown to be too hard of a material and can act like a wedge in your tooth. This can lead to breaks of your natural tooth. Composite offers slight give which allows for more longevity of your filling. Composite fillings are also naturally colored! Composite fillings provide a more aesthetic and natural appearance!

To place a filling, the decayed portion of your tooth is removed, leaving a small area that will be filled with composite. Next, a bonding fluid is applied to attache the filling to your tooth. A curing light is used to set the bonding fluid. Your dentist then fills the prepared area with composite material then shapes this material to the contours of your tooth. A special curing light then hardens the composite. Finally, your dentist smooths and polishes the filling to match the rest of your tooth!

Stopping Decay in the ‍‍‍Early Stages!