Mouth Gua‍‍‍rds

Mouth Guards are a great option for protecting teeth from wear. Grinding and clenching of the teeth is a common thing among patients. However; this stress reliever can turn into a bigger stress! When hard tooth material is worn away as a result of grinding or clenching, it is called attrition. The extent of wear and damage depends on the amount of grinding. Typically damage is more severe in individuals who exhibit this behavior in their sleep.

Excessive tooth wear causes many oral health complications. This includes unattractive and irregular tooth levels, jagged and sharp tooth edges, tooth pain and eventual loss of the teeth all together. As the harder outer surface of the tooth is worn away, the softer dentin will be exposed speeding up the process. There are preventative and corrective treatment options for patients experiencing tooth wear issues.

Treatment will vary based on the cause of wear and when it is detected, making it critical to work closely with your dentist to proactively treat the issue before more damage is sustained.

Protecting Your Teeth from ‍‍‍Wear!